Chromebook Google Drive integration is both handy and slick


Chromebook owners are waking up to a software update that adds Google Drive integration and offline Docs support Google(s goog) previously announced. The newest Chromebook models — Samsung Series 5 550 devices — also gain a firmware update while the original CR-48 models gain the new Chrome OS user interface and open source touchpad drivers.

While Google says the software updates are rolling out over the next few days, the Samsung Chromebook I’ve been using full-time for several weeks received the new features late last night. After trying out the new Google Drive integration, I’m liking what I see: It adds to the Chrome OS experience with a more traditional file storage system, even though that storage is completely cloud based.

When viewing the File Manager on the Chromebook now, the Downloads storage area is supplemented with Google Drive. Drive appears as if it were a local drive and adds…

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